Empower and intrigue

Establish an emotional connection with your employees and engage people external to your business through corporate merch and company swag.

Use branded items to delight, celebrate personal and professional milestones, and incentivize a conversation.

Unify your employees around a single look and feel and increase brand awareness.

Add an extra revenue source to your company. 

Incentivize prospects and outbound leads to communicate with you.


The benefits of corporate merch stores

Box it up

Make it easy for your HR team to manage branded stock and inventory by using MicroStore technology for your corporate merch. Our backend technology can show internal teams how much stock remains at a glance.

Charity starts at home

It's not just internal teams that will love your brand. Spread your brand awareness far and wide all while adding a new revenue stream to your business through MicroStore technology.

Make it their journey

Create and establish an emotional connection with your customers and employees by making every gift you send out personal.

Share the results

Branded items are a powerful, if not the most powerful, form of advertising. And with powerful next-gen MicroStore features at your fingertips to customize and create your promotional products, our corporate stores will help you close deals faster.

Delivery men loading carboard boxes in a van while getting ready for the shipment.

70% of brands

consider promotional products mostly or always effective in achieving marketing goals. - PPAI

26% increase in response rate

from prospects versus those who don't receive anything but an email. This in turn significantly increases opportunities while ensuring that prospects are three times more likely to book a meeting - SaaS Company Outreach

Untitled design
Beautiful smart Asian young entrepreneur business woman owner of SME online checking product on stock and save to computer working at home. Small business owner at home office concept.

82% of people

have a more favorable impression of brands that gift promotional items. - Sales Hacker


Brikl MicroStores have improved our business by making us more efficient at processing orders and eliminating human error. It has made purchasing our items easy for customers and allowed us to showcase our products and designs in a more professional manner.


Ben B
Director at Bodibro

Brikl has helped our company transform. We appreciate the support and business-minded thinking of the management team, which helped add extra value to our services as well as open new possibilities for expansion.


Martins V
Owner of CustomKit

Have a conversation with one of our friendly Brikl experts. What may feel like a quick break from work could boost your conversion by up to 150%.