Digital Automation: Safeguarding Your Business

Once upon a digital era, companies across the US and Europe yawned when Microsoft announced it was shutting down Internet Explorer on June 16, 2022.

But over in Japan, this news caused chaos for government agencies and big organizations who hadn’t yet prepared for this browser’s retirement party. 


Because diving into the world of upgrading operations, digital transformation, or digital process automation feels like a massive, scary adventure that many companies only dare to tackle when it’s absolutely necessary. 

Unfortunately, this can hurt businesses trying to keep up in our fast-paced, digital wonderland.

Digital automation for promotional products and custom sportswear

Enter the custom and promotional industry, where we at Brikl know a thing or two! Our Global VP of Sales, Dan Vermont, notes that before joining forces with Brikl, companies would cobble together multiple legacy platforms, attempting to create a stable foundation for their businesses. But those dark ages are over, thanks to Brikl! 

However, some businesses still hesitate to hop on the digital transformation train. Let’s shine a light on some of these industry-wide challenges:

🚀Long Store Setup Times

Imagine spending 25 hours a week setting up team stores, company stores, fundraising stores, or pop-up stores. That’s a lot of precious time that could be spent selling, strategizing, and scaling!


Many businesses struggle to take an insight-led approach to the market and create custom-made reports that suit their needs.

🎨Embellishing and Decorating Designs

Designers spend heaps of time embellishing products one by one, using mainstream design software that doesn’t cater to their niche challenges.

📦Order Management

Orders and feedback often arrive via email and spreadsheets, turning organization into an administrative nightmare.

🔐User Access and Permission Settings

In the e-commerce world, personalization is king, but so is security. It’s important to keep your store as relevant as possible while ensuring only authorized folks can manage it.

Brikl’s next-gen functionality swoops in to save the day, but there’s still a bit of hesitation when it comes to digital automation.

🛠️Fixing What's Broken: Overcoming Digital Process Hurdles

In the custom and promotional industry, several factors hold companies back from embracing the digital revolution:

Brikl’s next-gen functionality swoops in to save the day, but there’s still a bit of hesitation when it comes to digital automation.


A major concern for businesses is the potential for sky-high costs and the risk of unsuccessful digital automation efforts. At Brikl, we understand this worry, which is why we don’t make until you do, saving you big bucks!

🤝Evangelism and Commitment

Successful digital automation relies on a united vision, cross-functional evangelists, open communication, and a strong partnership with platform providers. At Brikl, we’re not just a platform – we’re your dedicated technology partners.


Many businesses become comfortable with inefficient systems, even if they know better options exist. Brikl’s user-friendly system helps ease this transition, making everything from creating branded MicroStores to managing orders a breeze.

👩‍💼Resource Scarcity

Labor shortages and time constraints can make businesses hesitant to commit to digital automation. But adopting digital processes can save time, improve productivity, and attract a tech-savvy workforce.

In conclusion, digital automation might seem daunting, but it’s an essential step for businesses to stay competitive and future-proof. Research from MIT CISR shows that organizations can expect a 17% ROI from digital transformation efforts, with benefits like cost reduction, increased productivity, and business growth.

So, if you’re a custom or promotional business looking to embark on a digital transformation adventure, hop on board with Brikl! Book your demo now. 🚀