Forget making brands. Create an icon.

MicroStores offer an effective and highly targeted way to sell branded merchandise to engaged and loyal fans as well as new visitors.

Brand your store using Brikl's MicroStore drag-and-drop content builder

Add product collections, bundles, discounts, and fundraising options for a personalized customer experience

Share and market your store with ease and make data-driven decisions through MicroStore analytics


Why use a MicroStore to sell your merch?

Organize & Sell 

Create product collections and packages your customers will love. Set configurable pricing and personalization on a product and package level.

Manage Your Store Effortlessly

Fully integrate your supply lines for enhanced transparency and streamlined operations. Pull product information into your store, including all images, variants, and descriptions into your store.

Go Global

Speak your customers' language. Set a default language then add multiple localization options to create a more meaningful experience. Allow your customers to pay in local currencies.

Give back

Donate to your chosen causes and add hidden or visible fundraising options down to a product level. Showing you care just became even easier.


91% of consumers

say they are more likely to shop with brands that provide offers and recommendations that are relevant to them. Through product lines, collections, and recommendations based on the customer's selection, Brikl MicroStores offer a highly personalized and targeted customer experience.

85% of consumers

Have a more positive image of a product or company when it supports a charity they care about. Brikl's MicroStore technology allows you to set hidden or visible fundraising options and apply them to products, collections, and packages.

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150% conversion rate increase

As the leading technology for MicroStores worldwide, Brikl supports some of the biggest suppliers, and custom and promotional businesses sell more, create better, and future proof their operations.
With decades of firsthand experience in the industry, our Brikl experts can show you how to leave your challenges behind you on your journey towards success.
All it takes is a conversation.


Brikl MicroStores have improved our business by making us more efficient at processing orders and eliminating human error. It has made purchasing our items easy for customers and allowed us to showcase our products and designs in a more professional manner.


Ben B
Director at Bodibro

Brikl has helped our company transform. We appreciate the support and business-minded thinking of the management team, which helped add extra value to our services as well as open new possibilities for expansion.


Martins V
Owner of CustomKit

Have a conversation with one of our friendly Brikl experts. What may feel like a quick break from work could boost your conversion by up to 150%.