Teams are more than uniforms.

As a coach, business owner, or sales rep, you may spend around 20 hours a week just setting up a team store. A Brikl MicroStore can be set up in under 15 minutes and has next-gen features that are specifically designed to help boost conversion.

Bulk embellish custom artwork and logos.

Pull all products, variants and information from suppliers.

Manage your business with tailored features designed for the needs of team stores.

Teamwear store

The benefits of having a MicroStore as a team store

God mode

Make it easy for coaches, sales reps, and owners to manage stock and inventory by using MicroStore technology. Our backend technology can show internal teams how much stock remains at a glance. Nominate admins and share access to ensure everyone has a single source of truth.

Show your heart

Our MicroStores make it incredibly easy for you to add fundraising. Assign internal information that can be used in reports, schedule fundraising to run to and from a certain date and time in the future, and decide whether you want to donate a fixed amount or percentage of each sale to your chosen cause.

Localize the experience

Most e-commerce platforms use an exchange rate to automate the process of calculating local prices. MicroStores offer you the opportunity to set multiple local currencies. This feature allows you to price your products more competitively or increase prices to match the affordability of your demographic.

One-click embellish

Embellishing team kit and uniforms with your logo just got so much easier. Use our next-gen batch embellishment feature to brand and customize any design, across all products and variants. This feature alone has the ability to save you or your designers hundreds of hours a year.

Modern designer sitting in front of computer and working in office

Hundreds of hours

saved through MicroStore bulk embellishment technology. The process of adding custom artwork and logos onto workwear can typically take business owners and designers hundreds of hours per week.  - Brikl

<15 minutes

when starting with another store as a template. Copy a team store with a single click and carry over the products and collections you’d like to include.  Your customers can pull one or hundreds of products with one click, including all variants and descriptions. - Brikl

We are winners. Team of happy professional cybersport gamers looking at PC screen and feeling excited and happy while participating in eSport tournament
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150% increase in sales

on average in your first year of using the platform. A MicroStore's highly tailored suite of next-gen features and functions means that every button you press, box you check, and option you select have been designed to drive sales in businesses like yours.  - Brikl


Brikl MicroStores have improved our business by making us more efficient at processing orders and eliminating human error. It has made purchasing our items easy for customers and allowed us to showcase our products and designs in a more professional manner.


Ben B
Director at Bodibro

Brikl has helped our company transform. We appreciate the support and business-minded thinking of the management team, which helped add extra value to our services as well as open new possibilities for expansion.


Martins V
Owner of CustomKit

Have a conversation with one of our friendly Brikl experts. What may feel like a quick break from work could boost your conversion by up to 150%.