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Brikl's MicroStore technology: delivering scale, agility, and exponential selling power to custom and promotional businesses.

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A fundraising store can be set up for a chosen cause. Products can be sold with charitable donations going to your charity.


This music merchandise store showcases branded products, tour dates, content, and other interactive elements for fans. 


Need to stock up on corporate branded pads, pens, mouse mats, backpacks, and apparel? This store has it all.

Team Spirit


Team stores and club shops are a great way of selling kit and uniforms to teams. MicroStore technology already saves coaches and organizers hundreds of hours a week.


A centralised hub for workers to order their protective gear and accessories. Logos and artwork can be bulk uploaded using the MicroStore's Custom Image Editor.

University, colleges, and schools

Create personalized stores, branded with your logo and artwork, where your students can purchase textbooks, stationery bundles, spirit wear, sports kit, uniforms, and so much more. 

Why use MicroStores? 

MicroStores greatly streamline the process of designing and selling online. Team stores, clubs shops, microsites, and more can be set up in 15 minutes or less. Specialist features support you with the tools you need to grow and scale: from bulk embellishment and placeholders to reporting tools, admin portal, and supplier integrations. 

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