If you’re a bit confused as to what the difference between MicroStores and team stores, club shops, corporate stores, microsites, pop up retailers, micro-retailers, and more are, the short answer is there aren’t any. All of these online stores do the same thing, they just go by many names to confuse the hell out of us.

And it worked because here you are.

But don’t worry, we have all the answers. By the end of this article, you’ll be a MicroStore expert.

Remember to brag about that to all your friends.

Enough waffle. What is a MicroStore?

Imagine your main site as the trunk of a tree (if you’re reading this in 3048, this reference may be lost on you). MicroStores (also known as team stores, club shops, company shops etc.) are the tree branches that grow out from your main site

In this way, MicroStores act as subsites, both temporary and permanent, that allow you to drive brand awareness and conversion in a more targeted way.

Some uses for a MicroStore include: 

  • Selling branded merchandise, kit, and team wear 
  • Selling custom branded clothing and accessories
  • Promoting flash sales 
  • Workwear and uniform stores to make it easy to kit out employees
  • Company stores to distribute and manage branded merchandise
  • Limited offers on products or content e.g., webinars and e-books
  • School, college and university shops to sell uniforms, books, and branded stationery
  • Fundraising stores to donate directly to your chosen cause 

The potential for branded MicroStores are limitless and vastly increase your ability to sell and personalize your customer experience like no other online technology. 

What are the benefits of setting up MicroStores?

Hyper-focused content and products

Matching images, content, products, and promotions to the needs of your customer are always a great way of increasing customer experience. 

This in itself has a range of benefits for your business

1 %
of consumers

are more likely to make a purchase from a brand that provides personalized experiences 

– Epsilon

1 %
of U.S. marketers

have seen measurable improvements due to personalization, with more than half reporting a lift greater than 10%.
– Instapage

1 %
of consumers

say that how well a company understands their individual needs impacts their loyalty.

– Salesforce

No more boring store set up

For people who love blowing countless hours on setting up team stores, pop-up websites, etc. this could be sad news. 

But Brikl’s MicroStore technology saves business owners and their employees: 

  • An average of 25 hours a week on manual shop setup. These hours can then be channeled back into scaling the business. 
  • Thousands of dollars, Euros, and pounds a year as a result of the above statistic. If you don’t think of an employee’s or your time as money, it’s time to start!

MicroStore technology can also increase a custom and promotional business’ annual revenue by 150% on its first year on the platform. Simply set up your store in under 15 minutes, create the design and content and point users to its destination. 

Take your customer insights further

Setting up a MicroStore  is also a great tactic if you want to test new ideas and reabsorb learnings into your main site. That also saves you having to spend money on a full-scale campaign or development project.


And as all this tailored content lives away from your main site, you can keep your website as evergreen as possible. 

This hands time back to whoever manages your website too, as they won’t have to keep making updates and removing irrelevant links.

Ease of management

Running a team store can be a hassle, but luckily for everyone in the custom and promotional industry and their suppliers, Brikl’s leading-edge automation tools make it simple to set opening times, permissions, password protections, and schedule promotions. 

Its MicroStores even offer fundraising options so that customers can donate as they shop.

And remember, a MicroStore can be as simple as a listing page of products or can include multiple content pages with text, video and graphics. It doesn’t need to be massive. 

It can also run on any domain name, including your existing domain name, a subdomain or an external domain, and can be a standalone site (separate from your  main online store), or part of your online store.

Ready to tell your friends ? what a MicroStore pro you are now? Or has all this talk of MicroStores made you hungry for more? Book a demo with a Brikl expert for a personalized walkthrough. Any comments or questions? Let us know below!


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